Screw press Separator

The screw press separator machine was designed specifically to separate solid-liquid sludge originating in cow, pig, poultry and rabbit farms, meat and fish processing industries and canning industries.

It is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304.
Solid/liquid separation occurs by compacting.

The sludge is sent via a special, wear-proof stainless steel coil, inside the filtering drum until it arrives to the solid drain inlet, where a bulkhead equipped with adjustable counter-weights presses the outbound solid residue, while the liquid part exits from a flanged outlet on the lower part of the machine.

The percentage of humidity in the solid residue can vary, based on the type of sludge treated, by working on the counter-weights on the bulkhead placed at the drainage inlet.
The filtering drum chamber is easily accessed, to enable better cleaning operations.
On request, an automatic wash circuit can be assembled.