Micro shot peening

Micro shot peening is a surface finishing treatment characterised by low roughness and is therefore particularly indicated for the food industry. It is carried out using special, pressurised micro-spheres released on the part to process using a specific nozzle. It replaces other traditional stainless steel finishes, such as pickling or satinising by eliminating problems relating to these treatments (streaks, grooves, disposal of water, dust, etc.), and offers a more homogenous and aesthetically better end result.

For this type of processing, BU.GE.GO. avails of:
  • Micro shot peening cabin measuring 6000 wide, 4000 high and 12000 long for medium and large sized parts
  • 1500x2000 automatic, micro shot peening system for small and medium sized parts
  • 2 automatic, micro shot peening systems for small batches